What is super?

Bold opinions become tiny works of art. Super takes self expression with friends to a whole new level. Starters and recommended images draw out the opinions and ideas you didn’t even know you had.

How do I report harassment, inappropriate content, feedback, or bugs?

We’re dealing with these issues in a number of ways. To report inappropriate content or harassment you can swipe left on a Super post and tap "Report." We’ll block out the content and log that this action has taken place so we can then review it. Please read our Terms of Service to review what we consider inappropriate content and harassment.

To send feedback or report bugs we’ve implemented a simple feature. Gently shake your device and we’ll have taken a screenshot of where you are in the application and attached that to an email we’ve pre-composed. Simply let us know what you’re experiencing and we’ll get it sorted.

We also accept emails to:

Press inquiries: